We are the Barmen

We serve drinks
that will blow your mind

At Drinkup, we specialize in providing an elegant and exclusive mobile bar service for various events, such as parties, weddings, and corporate events in San Jose, California, covering the Bay Area and surrounding areas. Our focus is on offering a luxury cocktail experience.
We differentiate our service through innovation, presenting more than 3 bars with unique styles that meet the highest quality standards. We have a team of logistics and professional bartenders with over 5 years of experience, committed to ongoing training to ensure excellent service. We are passionate about the art of bar service, bringing to life signature cocktails and exploring both classic and modern mixology.
We stand out for the selection of premium liquors and ingredients, using nationally and internationally recognized brands, and even incorporating 100% natural homemade ingredients. At Drinkup, we strive to elevate the cocktail experience, creating unforgettable moments at every event we have the pleasure to serve.

Bartendig Services Tailored to your needs

Below is everything that we provide for your events! These are automatically included in our base price!

We supply all garnishes and mixers needed for your event's cocktails, using fresh ingredients and squeezed juices to ensure a premium experience.

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We offer three exclusive signature cocktails for each event. We tailor them to your flavor preferences, theme, and alcohol choice to ensure a unique and delicious experience.


We will provide you with a curated shopping list for the Alcohol that will be required for your event based on number of people and the cocktails we design.

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To enhance the theme of your event, we offer high-quality straws and napkins. If you have preferences, share them, and we'll ensure every detail aligns with your vision.

What the clients say

Nadia was fantastic! Our whole party loved her drinks and I appreciated all her support with all the bar/drinks details. She made it so easy. Than you.

Monica G.

Nadia and Juan were incredible! I Wish we had booked them for our events before but we definitely will in the future! I made the cocktail menu small due to my personal shortsightedness but within those constraints,they made it work so incredibly well! Their old fashioneds in particular were tasty, smoky, simple yet elegant enough to make it classy but not snobby.

Kevin S.

Drinkupsj team was great! We hired them to bartend a 50th birthday and they were attentive and quick! Their service added an overall enjoyment to celebration.

Tatiana Avalos.